SEO optimised copywriting services

Let me power up all your digital communications, from search and social to email marketing, with my SEO optimised copywriting services including:


A website that’s easy on the eye is essential. But having a website that works hard for you, and gets you noticed by Google is just as important. Forget cookie-cutter copy. My SEO optimised copywriting services will boost your brand awareness – so you’ll attract more visitors – and make it easier to convert casual browsers into enquirers and buyers.

copywriting for websites
case studies

Case Studies

A well-written case study showcases your business successes, and proves your worth. I can help you tell the world about the fantastic clients you’ve worked with, and illustrate how you’ve helped them boost their profits, or driven customers their way.

I’ve written case studies for brands like myHermes and I can create a great case study for you too, so you can show off your abilities to prospective customers and clients.

Interviews & in-depth research

Interviewing is an essential (often overlooked) skill every copywriter should have. Expert interviews can provide you with a source of original, intelligent, and accurate information for your content.

To illustrate that my SEO optimised copywriting services work: I interviewed twenty top medical consultants for BMI Healthcare. Based on these conversations I created meaningful landing pages that helped customers find and access treatment quickly and easily. This campaign went on to win a prestigious Drum Award for Search.

the drum awards search winner 2022
tone of voice

Tone of voice

Whether you call it “copy style”, or “corporate identity” your brand needs a unique “voice” – a certain “something” that makes you stand out. For example, if your brand was a person what would they be like? Honest, friendly, fun – or practical?

I can help you define your USP, and make sure your tone of voice is believable and trustworthy (rather than flat – or self-consciously “off the wall”).

Once your tone of voice is created – I’m here to help you apply it universally across all your communications.

Landing Pages

Well-written landing pages require both skill and technique, with conversion also very much top of mind.

My SEO optimised copywriting services will ensure that your content can be read by human beings rather than bots. I’ve written countless descriptive landing pages for the hotel and leisure industry – as well as for top companies like Northern Railway helping them boost their SEO efforts and get potential rail travellers interested in finding out more.

landing pages
email campaigns

Email Campaigns

Are your email campaigns converting at scale? If not, get in touch and we can aim to fix things asap.

Email marketing is a quick and affordable way of drawing attention to your brand, generating you leads and conversions – but only if you know what works.

I understand what makes people open an email, and what it is that lures them to click on your links. From crafting killer headlines, to creating customised messaging, my SEO optimised copywriting services are designed to help you get the maximum value from your emails.

Copywriting to help you get the message out

If you need to get the news out about a new product release – or you’ve recently upgraded an app, I can talk directly to your customers and clients – or internal employees – in the language they prefer, and get them interested and invested.

copywriting to get the message out
long form content

Long Form Content

If you’re a business owner – or you’re running several marketing campaigns at the same time, you may not have the time to write long form content. But you really don’t want to miss out on this valuable opportunity to engage with your target audience. Longer form B2B content can help you:

  • Improve your search rankings
  • Increase reader engagement (resulting in more social shares)
  • Build your brand authority
  • Help you link out and partner with other sites
  • Give you lots of room to put in calls to action (CTAs) and get you more conversions

And talking of calls to action – here’s an example:

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From whitepapers and eBooks to tutorials, guides and walkthroughs, long form content (and pillar pages) should be an essential part of your content portfolio.

Contact me and I can carry out in-depth research, and write you intelligent, long form copy that reflects your brand, generates interest, and boosts conversions.


Blogs provide you with an opportunity to tell a story, and speak to new and prospective customers on their level. They need to be informative, insightful, and make people feel interested in what you do. Best of all, blogs and FAQs provide great opportunities to help you rank higher on Google.

Use my blog post writing expertise to help you find a unique take on your topics, and express your brand personality. Soon you’ll be able to say “goodbye to bland posting”, and start making some real relationship-building opportunities.

blogs writing

Here are some companies I have written insightful blog posts for:


Webinars & Podcasts

Webinars and podcasts should be an essential part of your marketing armoury. I can help you write podcast descriptions, add the right keywords into your scripts (it goes without saying without stuffing) and use the right tone and style for your target audience. This will help you to boost engagement and encourage people to trust your brand.

Social Media

Whether you’re active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook (etc., etc.,) I can help you optimise your social media posts in terms of language, tone and message – based on your  target audience’s behaviours and preferences. I’ll maintain your brand voice and stay consistent with your marketing goals.

Content editing

Sometimes all your copy needs is a bit of a polish. Alternatively it may need some serious scrubbing up. Whatever’s the case, I can help raise the bar.

It may also be the case that English isn’t your first language: You may have all the right ideas, but find it difficult to get your message across? I can help you turn your concepts into creative, high quality content that will resonate with your target audience.

In-house content

I can help you create engaging training materials, newsletters, emails and guides that will inspire your internal audiences and stakeholders.

content editing