About me

I’ve always had a passion for words. It helped me succeed in my career as a direct marketer and it’s what inspired me to set up as a freelance copywriter. That was over fifteen years ago. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to write for some exceptional businesses and amazing people, both at home and abroad.

Why this freelance copywriter?

First and foremost I’m a digital marketing copywriter (with a CiM Diploma in Digital Marketing). I’m adept at translating features into benefits, and I understand the tools and processes that are needed to make sure your voice is heard.

I rarely work with clients on a “one-time” basis but have relationships with them for the long term, often for many years – and the majority of my work comes via recommendations.

You can expect:


Reliable, accountable, professional copywriting services – I tend to work with companies for the long term


An honest opinion on what I feel is best for your brand


To be listened to: I’ll ask you dozens of questions about your project before I get started (or even before we decide we’re a good fit for each other)


Assistance to help you stay focused on your content marketing objectives


Flexibility: As a freelance copywriter I can pick up ongoing projects – or start new campaigns from scratch


Clear advance quotes: I offer daily work rates or fixed rates per project. I’m also available to work on a retainer basis

What I don’t do


Charge a “rush project” rate: Like the majority of high quality freelance copywriters, I’m often booked up for a week or two – but I’ll do my best to fit you in as soon as possible – at a fair price


Promise you that “my content alone” will get you the sales or conversions you need: You will also need great products or services, and a clear plan with the right tools, resources, tactics and strategies in place. (If you need help with any of these things we can discuss)


Use jargon: I’ll get across what’s special about your company without falling back on “corporate speak”. I won’t use long words when shorter ones are better.


Remote, but connected

I’m a freelance copywriter based in beautiful North Yorkshire, but I work with clients all over the UK as well as abroad.

I provide high quality content to businesses of all sizes, from well-known brands to startups, and have expertise in everything from SaaS and digital marketing, to logistics, tourism, finance and healthcare.

Whether you have gaps in your content marketing campaigns you need to fill – or need to get an effective content marketing strategy up and running – I can step in and help.